Our Calling...

In this world today, there aren’t many avenues to celebrate the Traditional Virtuous Woman.  A woman who is perfectly fine with her femininity, ability to speak with eloquence, while at the same time is steadfast in her quest to educate others in the community about the needs of our society as a whole. 

Contestants are required to:

  • Serve their communities 

  • Reach out to non-profit organizations based on a platform that relates to their desire to change this country 

  • Attend trainings and orientations that discuss

    • poise

    • respect

    • integrity

    • equality

    • public speaking

    • working as a team

    • self-development

    • effective writing skills

    • coping skills

And a host of many other forms of education that is required to put into action before and after competition.

UNIVERSAL UNITED STATE PAGEANT LLC. invites you on this journey of re-inventing pageantry one young lady at a time! 

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