One Team One Goal

If there's one thing in this world that matters to Universal United State Pageant it is EXCELLENCE! Teaching Young Ladies to master what ever They choose to do in life, means they've reached the highest level possible to achieve. No one is smarter than the other, it's all based on the efforts put forward! 

Melinda C. Ward - CEO/ Executive State Director

Melinda has an extensive background in the entertainment world. As an actress/model she has traveled from one span of the globe to the other.  You may have seen her on Disney Channel, Life Time, HBO, and many television shows in the past.

As Mrs. Utah International 2003-04, Melinda helped raise 1.2 million by sharing her story with businesses who support United Way. She traveled all the way to Kenya, Africa missioning, educating children, and talking relationships with tribes wanting to understand the similarities/differences of their culture and Americas'. 

As founder of Pillow Talk Live, Melinda continued her quest of building strong, fruitful foundations with families everywhere. With her traveling panel show and 80,000 talk show listeners she truly enjoys sharing love. 

Her platform, Getting Back To The B.A.S.I.C.S. of Family Development is well known and highly admired. Build; Accountability; Share; Individuality; Consequence; Support.

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